Sunday, 3 October 2010

Update V.02

Hi There You Fucking Bastards!!!

Just in case you haven't noticed (You probably didn't...) We changed all our Links to MegaUpload.
We won't Upload anything else in Hotfile... I Mean, HotShit!!! Why? Because it's a shitty server, deleting our files, very slow Download speeds and above all, NOT as good for storage as it seems...

Why MegaUpload?

- Batter Download Rates.
- Unlimited Space.
- Premium Account.
- Because We wanted so!!!

That's all for now! Coments, sugestions, or anything else, leave a coment, or don't...!



Anonymous said...

good choice, hotfile isn't really that good.

Anonymous said...

hotfile always delete your files anyway... the 'forever host' is a big bullshit

Anonymous said...

Hotfile is not that bad. Never had a problem... But MegaUpload is good too.

Anonymous said...

MegaUpload is the BEEEST!!!!!